Routes not always centering

After the last update, routes don’t always center when clicking the button to center them, or are off-centered.

Hello Andrew! Thank you for the feedback.

Can you provide some steps that we can use to reproduce this issue? Which projection mode are you using, mercator or globe? What route? Please include a screen recording if possible so that we can better investigate the issue!

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Happens frequently… here’s a video. Sorry for the quality, but you can see that when it zooms out, it clips the left side of the route.

Thank you for the clip! I will add this to our issue tracker, can you provide the route used in this video for the sake of verifying possible solutions on our side?

Sure thing - KMPV > KAUG, RNAV 35 via NOLLI.

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If you “hide” the left side panel and then open it again, then does it center correctly?



Hi Stephen,

Not sure, but when it happens again (and it did, this morning, KAUG > KCON via LABEL), I’ll try that out.

With the new version that will be released today (v8.25.0), this situation should be improved.

Please let us know if you are still having issues after installing this update!

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Great, thanks.

Will try it out.