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Hi There,

Creating a new flight in SimBrief with the current/latest AIRAC Cycle 2113 I get a route but with errors in the Analyze Route window, which then transfer to the DX Remarks filed of the OFP. Why do I get these errors?

When loading into the AN32X I get route error:

The route is out of date to the airac data in use.

You need to generate a new route to comply.

It is SimBrief that generated the route automatically today… And the AIRAC is up to date.
I cannot get the dispatch system to generate a route that does not have errors on the route OJAI-LFML.

Generated with its routefinder or using the suggested route.

Hi Lane,

Could you try again please.

For OJAI-LFML, Simbrief just generated :


It was generated with the routefinder.
There was only one suggested route, and it was the same as the routefinder generated route.

Hi Ian,

Just ran it now, all OK.
FYI I tried about 5 times yesterday, including inverting the route of flight, same error.
Glad all OK now.

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Hi Lane,

Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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