Rotate MD11 errors

I just wondered if the airport OAKN could be added to the Rotate MD11 XP11 airport file - it always gets erased at every Navigraph update and I have to add it manually every time (as I sometimes fly there in the MD11!).

Moreover, the update always installs to a folder called ‘navdata’, when the MD11 uses one called ‘nav-data’ (with a hyphen). Has to be renamed manually each time.



we don´t have any data for Kandahar because the AIP Afhanistan isn´t public and don´t offer the data to the source provider sorry. Also, we can´t only add such information only for one addon and/or one sim-platform. When we add such tailored records, we must do this for all addons, platforms which we provide …

I will look, if I can add this airport with the runways as a tailored record in our data in the future. For now, please add these manually as in the past.

Thanks for the “nav-data” folder report - I have corrected it now. Should be solved at least with the next AIRAC cycle.

Thank you,

Will do. Will check the MD11 folder name next update - thanks :slight_smile:

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