Reset in-game panel position in VR

Is there a way to reset the position of the in-game panel in MSFS while in VR? If I move the panel around while in VR and it moves away from me as I click the top right or top left, I am not able to bring it back closer. Even closing and reopening does not work. I would have to start over the flight.

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The position is not something that we can control at all. If I understand you correctly, you need to grab ahold of the top bar of the panel and bring it closer to you, but perhaps that’s what is not working?

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to reset the position. Size and location is all handled by the simulator!

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Pretty much. Sometimes when I drag it into position it gets moved further and further back to the point where it is unusable. I was wondering if there is a way to pull it back closer to me. Clicking on each end sends it further back in that direction.

I see. Do you only get this issue with our panel?

So far, yes. I can’t recall experiencing that with anything else.

So if you open the built-in map panel and our panel side-by-side, grabbing the built-in panel works as it should but not ours?

Again, this is not something that we can control even if we wanted to, but we get zero guarantees from the simulator developers, so they might have changed something that requires changes from us somehow.

I would have to try the side by side later today.

So basically, I open the Navigraph panel. It pops up directly in front of me. Next, I grab it and move it to the right side. If I leave it in the first good position, it is ok. But once I start dragging it around to find a “sweet spot”, which usually entails clicking the top left and top right, then it keeps moving further away. At that point I cannot bring the panel back to where it was before. I can grab it and move it to the other side of the flight deck but the distance does not change. Hope this explanation makes sense.

I see. Please try them out side-by-side and report back what you find!

I was able to compare both panels and the experience was the same for each one. However, in the process, I figured out how to fix it.

If I left-click with the mouse on the panel and hold the button in then move my head to and from the panel, it moves it closer to or away from me. So if the panel is further away, I move my head backwards and it comes towards me.

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Thank you for the report! Happy to hear that you found a solution as well, thanks for sharing it!

Happy flying!

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