Request: Step-by-step instructions on linking Navigraph Charts to Working Title G1000 NXi

Hi there,

I have a paid Navigraph Ultimate subscription. All software is installed properly. The in-game-panel is working perfectly. I have updated to the lastest cycle. I have been successful in linking my Navigraph account to the Working Title G3000 mod.

How do I link my Navigraph account to my Working Title G1000 NXi?

Finally, a big thank you to the development team and everyone who works on this software. I’ve been an avid flight simmer since the '80s … never had anything this close to the real thing available in MSFS before


Unfortunately there is no Navigraph integration in the NXi. It is a core MSFS component and as such MS does not build in native support for 3rd party integrations.



Thanks Stephen. I wondered about that when I couldn’t find the Working Title folder in my community folder.