Removing First Officer

Some aircraft like the SF50 I’d like to be able to remove the first officer. Is there a way to do that when setting up a new fleet aircraft?

simBrief has no concept of whether an aircraft is single-pilot or not, just an OEW (operating empty weight, in kilograms or pounds). In single-pilot certified aircraft like the SF50, the OEW does not typically include the first officer (unless I am mistaken), and to include the first officer you would add it as a “passenger”.

Either way, with custom airframes you can do things however you want:

  • OEW includes neither pilot nor copilot


  • OEW includes pilot but not copilot


  • OEW includes both pilots

…and you can have multiple airframes (e.g. one airframe set up for single-pilot operation, and another set up for dual-pilot, etc.) :slight_smile:



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That information is perfect! It all makes sense now. Thank you.