Remove Automatically Loaded Charts

I have not seen this feature request after looking… let me know if I have missed this ability!

Would it be possible to remove extra/unnecessary charts that are loaded when creating a route?

Inapplicable charts are often added automatically and I don’t see a way to remove them as I can for charts I select.

As you can see in the attached screenshot, some of the STARS/APP charts aren’t needed (bottom bar below telemetry). Thanks for the consideration! Navigraph 2023-09-15_193032|690x205


I think you are referring to the Pinboard. You can unselect Sync with Flight, and Edit to remove any or all pinned charts. You can pin charts using the Pin icon when the Chart is displayed.

You can also toggle Pinboard display Off/On using the highlighted icon:


Hello Ian,

Thank you for your message!

I will try “unpinning” the automatically added charts after “un-syncing”. Yes, I understand the ability pin & unpin charts and do this often.

My only challenge was when attempting to unpin the auto-added charts; they would not “unpin” as my selected charts do (e.g. when clicking the pin, nothing happens & they remain).

Again, my thanks for your time!

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I just want to confirm that this is possible once you turn this option off!


If you have this option turned on, charts that are linked to your selected procedures will always be automatically added. If you remove one, it will be introduced again immediately. To remove the automatically added charts, this option needs to be disabled!

Let me know if something is still not working as expected!

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Hello Malte,

Yes! I just did a quick test and confirmed that “un-syncing” does indeed allow me to unpin the inapplicable charts.

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