Redispatch - Custom Co Routes - Extra/Taxi Fuel

Hey guys!

I’d like to make three suggestions/ feature requests:

1 - Are there any plans to add Redispatch?

2 - Would it be possible to add a “CO RTE” feature to the planner? Something that I could see and load the routes I’ve saved for a flight (perhaps with the ability to save the CoRTE with a custom name that would also be shown on the OFP…)

3 - Custom taxi/extra fuel: something that we could type a specific figure for taxi and extra fuel (e.g. extra fuel of 1572 kg).

Tks!! Best regards!

Hi, thanks for the suggestions. These are all features that are actually being considered for future updates. But there aren’t any firm timelines or estimates on when they might be added yet.

Best regards,

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