Navigraph Charts Audible In-Flight Alerts

With Navigraph Charts, I love the fact that it is far more suited to flight simulation when compared to using Foreflight. Although Foreflight is nice as it is something that I am familiar with, I would love to see one of the major features brought to Navigraph Charts.

Foreflight has audible in-flight alerts for the following items:

  • Airspace Alerts (Audible warning of upcoming TFRs, and if you’re above, below, inside, or if it’s ahead)
  • Transition Altitude Alert
  • 500 AGL Alert (during descent when you have been above 1000 ft AGL)
  • Sink Rate
  • Terrain/Hazard Obstructions
  • Runway Alerts (entering Runway 19L, runway length remaining, etc.)
  • Traffic Alerts (Traffic on Runway, Traffic on short-final, etc.)

Although a lot of these features could be implemented at a later date, I would love to see basic runway, airspace and traffic alerts within Navigraph Charts, maybe accompanied by a pop-up, displaying the same alert (much how Foreflight has implemented this).

All of this is mostly just a Quality of Life thing, and not a MUST have, but it would still be excellent to see this implemented at some point in time.