Airspace in Telemetry bar

Now we have the nice Telemetry bar, it would be nice to see the current airspace the plane is in as an optional item for this bar. Just a simple A/B/C/D/EG would be great, even more if there is the altitude min/max for the position and altitude I am flying at :slight_smile:

At this moment I need to click the map and scroll the list of airspaces to see it. It’s a fun little nice to have.

Hi! Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting this!

Would you like this in addition to vertical profiles, or would the latter meet your requirements?

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Hi Skysail!

Vertical profiles such as suggested as Foreflight and SkyDemon are the best to have a better sense of the airspace around you so that would be great for the VFR flyer. So if you are considering that, please!

Now if you say, that would be a to big investment on dev time, a small and simple solution as described on my post would meet my wishes (it’s a nice to have, not a must have requirement)

I see your point! Thanks for the feedback.

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