Real GPS position overlay in chart

I often use chart app for iPhone during real flight with internet connection. It would be great if i could see the overlaid current GPS position received by iPhone on the flight plan chart of chart app.


This is not possible I’m afraid. We cannot add features that would facilitate use in real world aircraft, even if your use case as a passenger is not problematic per se. This is also why there is no offline mode.



Thank you for your quick feedback. Now i see why it doesn’t work during off-line. Could it be a solution to use a legal disclaimer to acknowledge the risk for user?
Anyway, I love to use navigraph tools and thanks for developing super apps!!

It’s already in the Terms of Use agreement that they’re not to be used in real world aviation. You’ve also got to remember that Jeppesen has a part in this too. Not only are they providing charts to a simulator app - where if something happened it wouldn’t reflect well on them either…you’re also getting full access to worldwide Jepp charts for $10/mo. If you get Jeppesen Flightdeck Pro and purchase the same subscription, it’s hundreds of dollars/year.

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