Ramp weight

Good afternoon. I’m wondering if devs could consider adding a field for max ramp weight? For example the SF50 has a max brake release/takeoff weight of 6000lbs but max ramp weight is 6040. Giving you up to 40 lbs of fuel to use on ground before takeoff.

Dash 8 Q400 is another example with a max ramp weight of 64130lbs but a max brake release/takeoff weight of 63930lbs. This gives the pilot in command some leeway with regards to expected ground delays prior to takeoff when running engines.

Currently, unless I am mistaken, the simBrief max ramp weight is effectively the MTOW plus however much taxi fuel is planned (which in turn is based on how many minutes you indicate for taxi out, default 20, maximum 60 unless this has become unbounded in the new interface-- didn’t check).

FWIW, while less realistic, this is actually more flexible than real life. Although, actual support for maximum ramp weight would make sense indeed :slight_smile: