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I have searched the forums for an answer but don’t find anything relating to “Taxi In” fuel requirement and the video tutorial just mentions taxi fuel in the “Weights And Fuel” section of the flight plan.
I just want to ask where the “Taxi In” fuel is allocated / accounted for as the flight plan only shows the “Taxi Out” fuel required…
I just want to make sure my wights are as accurate as possible
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Dear Garwil,

just answering from my personal and professional experience. EASA does not know Taxi-In fuel.
The Basic Procedure calculates several amounts of fuel and with the normal procedure with One Alternate Aerodrome (ALTN) you are required to land with Alternate (ALTN) (within 90min of flying time) + Final Reserve (FINRES) (30min) at your destination. Even landing at your Alternate Aerodrome after diverting gives you a landing with 30min of Final Reserve, which is sufficient for taxi-in.

The only Taxi fuel determined is the Taxi-Out fuel which incorporates a) APU fuel burn prior Take-Off b) Engine start c) taxi to your runway + additional times for taxi.

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HI Alex,
Many thanks for the reply which makes perfect sense and I can put that question to bed now. I just didn’t want to miss anything as far as weights are concerned affecting fuel being the biggest expense.
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