A319 taxi fuel


Very small detail again but I noticed that the A319 taxi fuel isn’t exactly x10.

If I select 13 or 15 minutes for instance, it’ll correctly give me 130 or 150kg, however when I select 25 minutes (thank youSpanish airports :grin:) it’ll give me 249 instead of 250.

Good day!

IIRC, SimBrief works in pounds behind the scenes (for the most part); taxi fuel for the A319 is 22 pounds per minute, as far as I can tell.



Ah indeed you’re right, that would be it.

For 13 minutes, 1322 = 286 pounds and 286 pounds = 129,7kg.
For 25 minutes, 25
22 = 550 pounds and 550 pounds = 249,476kg.

It just rounds to 249. The devil is in the details, isn’t it ? :grin:

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