Question about numbers in Step Climb

Hi, forgive me if this is explained elsewhere, I couldn’t find anyting.

I planned a flight from New Delhi (VIDP) to Tokyo (RJTT) chosen because of an amazing jetstream tailwind. I was flying the 787-10 in MSFS.

The OFP Step Climb section of the Briefing Preview showed the initial cruise altitude of FL370, but then showed 2 steps with numbers I didn’t understand: 1130 and 1190

FL STEPS VIDP/0370/NGJ/1130/SHX/1190/UDINO/0390

Do those 2 numbers mean something other than altitude?

Hi, these are metric flight levels when flying in Chinese airspace.

They represent 11,300 and 11,900 meters (37,100 and 39,100 feet respectively).’s_Republic_of_China_and_Mongolia

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Ah… ok thanks. I didn’t realize that.

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