Purpose of splitting approaches into to(runway) and from(arrival)

What is the significance of To RWxxx and From arrival xxx when choosing an approach? In the example, why is ILS RWY 23R in the top section and RNAV RWY 23L in the bottom section?

Hi Keith! Thanks for posting.

The purpose of these categories when selecting an approach is to show you which procedures match the current context the best.

For example, if you have picked the 23R runway and then bring up the approach selection list, one category will be To RW23R - showing you that the approaches listed in this category connect with the runway that you have chosen.

Similarly, if you have already picked an arrival procedure and then open up the approach list, there will be a category of approaches that connect perfectly with the arrival that you have selected. This essentially means that the first point of any of the listed approaches is the same as the last point in your selected arrival!

If an approach connects both with your arrival and the selected runway, that will be shown at the top as the best possible option.

Basically, we want to make planning your flight as easy as building lego by picking out the best-fitting pieces based on the ones that you already have!

I hope this makes sense! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

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Hi Malte,

I thought the intention might be something like that.

The arrival I have selected is LAKE1M into EGCC. The last waypoint is ROSUN (and there is a note on the plate not to pass beyond it without ATC clearance). Almost all of the arrivals, regardless of whether they are in the top list or the bottom list, start from MCT. There is a discontinuity for all of them.

Hello again! I did not get any notification that this topic received an update, I’m sorry for the long delay!

That could very well be the case! Do you believe that something is wrong with the list that Charts has presented you with in this case?

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