Provide direct downloads of charts for Android on official site

Android devices from brands such as Huawei are banned by Google from using GMS. Obviously, users of these brands cannot access the google play store. So I think navigraph should consider putting navigraph charts for android on navigraph`s official site for users to download.

In addition, based on the number of users of Huawei device(240 million at Q1 2022, Huawei HarmonyOS achieves 240 million device users - Huawei Central ), you should consider how many users or simulation flight enthusiasts who subscribe to Navigation Data are using Huawei. In short, navigraph may be losing a lot of customers.

Do not to tell me that this will increase the so-called “extra cost”. In fact, navigraph have provided many downloads on it`s official site. So, please tell me, will adding a simple apk file to the server cause you to spend more than $100 per month? :slight_smile:



We’d rather not put the APK file for download as installation on unsupported and untested platforms can lead to problems and difficult support cases. Looking back it seems your request is only the second ever for Huawei support. We might consider making the effort to support it if there is sufficient demand.

In the meanwhile, did you try in a browser on your Huawei device? It has the exact same functionality as the native app.



does charts for android support 11-inch touch screen with resolution 2560 x 1600 and android 12?

Sounds likely, yes.


Then, it seems that charts for android can run well on the vast majority of Huawei tablets. HarmonyOS running on Huawei tablet are based on android 11/12, and the screens of these tablets are basically greater than or equal to 10.4 inches. I don’t understand your concerns about “problems and difficult support cases”.

We’ll consider it as I mentioned. Potential problems might be with the interaction with the app and the installed browsers which we rely on for authentication. We don’t have such devices and hence can’t test and verify which we’d ideally want to be able to provide official support.

As I mentioned,



I use Android Open Source (LineageOS variant) without any Google services, and I don’t have a Google account at all. So I don’t have access to Google’s Play Store, so I would very much appreciate a direct download of the apk.

Even if the LineageOS default browser doesn’t work out, one can install another one such as Mull (a privacy-oriented Firefox variant).