New App Update for Android

Where are we able to download Charts 8 for android devices?

Google Play store. Called Charts.

Except that I’ve looked on the Google Plays store for both charts and Navigraph Charts and it isn’t there. What an insightful person you are.


And here it is

Can’t DL ver.8 on my android phone. Says app is not compatible with this version. Im on latest android update. Previous versions worked fine…

We don’t have a version available for phones at the moment. We are working on the phone form factor and will issue a separate update about it later.



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you guys did a great job with version 8. i’m excited to see the mobile implementation. I’m happy to wait for that, keep up the good work :smiley:

Why is it not compatibel to my tablet. I have Android 12. ???

Will the app be compatible with Android 10 phone?

Successfully running on tabS7+ (samsung tablet)

Two minor points. The plotted route line is a bit thick! And I find it hard to tell if vfr items are selected in settings

Excellent though!

Hello. Not even compatible with my Galaxy Tab.
Is it a normal issue?

For me doesn’t work. Always sign in and clic and nothing

Working for me in portrait and landscape mode on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e but no go on my Galaxy A22 phone which is a pity since the portrait mode is ideal for viewing charts.

Why on my Galaxy Tab S5E the new charts app V8 can’t be installed ? Previuos version was working well

Likely because the screen size is currently just too small. We are supporting what Google calls xlarge screens at this moment, but are working on an update for smaller screens.



Many thanks for info.


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