Problem with SAMPO-VORDME

problem with SAMPO-VORDME in the flight between LFRD and LFRN the activation of arrival configuration is not operating and fridged and the simulator FSX shud down


We need more information:

What aircraft?
Any addon scenery?
What do you mean by “the activation of arrival configuration is not operating”?
How have you installed Navigraph FMS Data -by FMS Data Manager or manually?


sorry my plane is the Eaglesoft Citation X v.2
any landscape addon
Navigraph FMS Data installed by FMS Data Manager
the problem is in APPROACH transition SAMPO-VORDME and also ILS from any airport to RWY 28
the problem is at SAMPO
when I click in Landing Init arrival on the activate Key 4R that don’t match no activation on FMS which is blocked and the FSX shut down
have a good day

no response Ian ? problem with jappesen or Navigraph ?
APPROACH SAMPO don’t match but works with other approach as REN VOR

We shall investigate.

Happy Christmas.



Had to dust off old Eaglesoft Citation X v.2 to install.

I get ILS activation on 110.1/281

I can’t reproduce the FSX crash with original or AIRAC 2012.

So I don’t believe this is a Navigraph navdata issue.

Maybe try a reinstall of the aircraft?


the problem is at the transition point SAMPO to LFRN ILS 28 or VOR RWY 28 !
the waypoint SAMPO transition is proposed by the FMC but the ACTIVATION LSK 4R don’t match and the FSX shut down
it seems to be a problem of navigraph navdata

I suggest you reinstall the latest version of aircraft, check if the problem exists with the included AIRAC data. Then finally try Navigraph navdata.


I did it and that did not work

have now also tried it … Also with your explained scenario but as Ian, no CTD - I can select it without an issues. I’m not sure, where the problem is but I can’t see any data problem sorry …

When it’s also not working with the outdated default data on your system, I recommend you ask the add-on devs because they have more possibilities to debug/trace their add-on. It looks as if you can reproduce your issue, with our current data and also with the default data from the setup.


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