Problem about Chart app

I found that the chart app had a different type of enroute interface which has a lot of airway in canada aerospace

but why version of chart nowadays only have a few airways in canada aerospace and only airways from US can be seen while I zoom out the map

simplify My question is that why the airways distribution in canada aerospace is different from the nowadays version of Chart ?

curious about it

Hello! Thanks for posting!

We still have the same data for Canada. The new version of Charts is powered by a dynamically rendered map, so details such as airways are not shown when zoomed out to that extent. The airways should be visible if you start zooming in a bit closer!

The reason why you see those airways for the US is that you have enabled the US sectionals. These are not dynamically rendered and will thus show airways even when zoomed out, but they do not cover Canadian airspace.

If you wish that airways were visible from lower amounts of zoom, you are welcome to open a topic in our Wishlist !

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I have tried zooming in much closer on the map, but the Airways displayed in Canadian airspace look completely different from the 2019 version.

Compared to the 2019 version, the 8.32.0 version shows a significant lack of many smooth airways with curved segments in Canadian airspace.

Is it due to setting issue on my map?
my IFR settings : IFR high

Thanks a lot for answering🙏

version of 2019 found on section 4.2 of

version 8.32.0 installed on Macbook pro 2020

All three images were all captured under conditions of zooming in on the map.

Hmm, none of your screenshots seem to have come through to the forum, unfortunately.

However, please note that navigation data does change, which is why we issue monthly updates to it.
A lot has happened since 2019, and many airways have likely disappeared since then.

You will find that the map looks the same in other tools, such as Skyvector.

I myself don’t know the reason behind this, but in Europe there are lots of countries that are transitioning into FRA (free route airspace), where lots of airways have been removed in favor of more fuel-efficient direct routings.

I hope this makes sense! There is likely nothing wrong with your charts app, the amount of airways has just decreased.

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Thanks a lot for your answering

So if there are no airways between my departure and destination airports during my flight, according to the FRA rule you mentioned, I can only fly waypoint to waypoint, which means I have to input each waypoint into FMC, right?

And I’m still wondering if it is possible to find outdated IFR enroute map online, or the previous data would be deleted after updates?
just curious about it

You’re welcome!

In FRA airspace, you would get an entry point and an exit point. Basically a long direct routing :slight_smile: So only two waypoints to put in the FMC in that case.

I don’t know of any service that provides this. That includes us!

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I see~ Thanks you very much :pray: