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Hi all!
I find that since im running multiple simulators - P3D, XPlane and MSFS, the number of flight plans and locations gets a lot of files throughout the week/month. I need to go into each folder manually and delete the old ones to clean them out since im kind of a neat freak. I had written a quick DOS script a long time ago to do this but I thought it would be neat since the SimBrief has the paths for the flight plan saves, if there were a button either in the same row as the path for each sim/format, or one button that clears out all of the old plans. Any thoughts if this would be helpful?

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Hi, thanks for your suggestion.

It is something I have thought about in the past, but there is some risk in doing this and I’m not sure yet if I would be comfortable with it. Imagine if there was a software bug that caused it to delete more files than it should (for example, deleting other files on the drive)!

I’m obviously much more comfortable letting users delete their own files for this reason, but I certainly understand how this feature would be useful. I still think about it from time to time so we’ll see what may come in the future.

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