PNR Airport // Isolated Destination

For the US Operator, dispatching to the isolated destination, all we are required to carry is the 2 HR island reserve, unlike EU-OPS where I believe they still have to carry their percentage-based enroute reserve to get to the island.

On this OFP, for a Test 787-900 EWRHNL, there are a few hints that this is an Isolated Destination operation. First, under PNR on the Release, it shows KSFO. For PNR planning, the PNR is the last point in the OFP where I could turn around and go back to another airport and still land with the 30 minute flag hold fuel onboard. This is planned at Cruise CI, great circle direct from the PNR location to the Airport Reference Point. Usually, you use the ETOPS divert airport as that airport will be under the RALT tag in the ATC FPL.

On page 2 in the fuel ladder, all we are required as a 121 (note this OFP format is not from our system at work) is the 2 hour reserve, and this system puts that fuel in the alternate bucket, which is fine.

One page 6 in the navlog it shows the PNR location as a function of the distance remaining to destination (so its easily visible in the PROGRESS page in the FMC), 581 NMs distance remaining.

On the top of page 11 shows the PNR calculations back to KSFO in this case.

XXX9000 KEWR-PHNL (ETD 19Nov 17.20UTC) #2 (Generated 19Nov 12.43UTC).pdf (221.0 KB)

Thanks for the info Doug! I’ll add this to my notes for a possible future PNR feature update.

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One other thing I neglected to state is that some carriers will identify the Isolated Destination operation in the ATC FPL (this isnt a mandatory element, however, some airlines will do this)

In the ATC FPL, for the destination it would look like e.g., -PHNL1400 XXXX, then in the ALTN/ tag in Field 18, the statement “ISOLATED OPERATION”. This tells ATC that no I didn’t forget to put an alternate on the FPL, I’m performing an Isolated Operation. Some countries will reject the FPL unless you have a destination alternate on the plan, even if my regulator doesn’t need one.

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