Isolated aerodromes

Good day,

I have a question. How it is with plannig to the airfield wich is isolated. According EASA ops you have to have aditional fuel of 2h of flying at cruise altitude over destination airfield into account in OFP. Does it reflect in your OFP? Another queastion is, when the airport is isolated and you don t have suitable enroute alternate you have to have info in OFP about PNR point. Are you plannig to implement this into the feature?

Dear @SamuelCV ,

according to EU VO 965/2012 (“Air Operations”), an isolated aerodrome is defined in NCC.OP.105 Specification of isolated aerodromes - aerplanes:

For the selection of alternate aerodromes and the fuel policy, the operator shall consider an aerodrome as an isolated aerodrome if the flying time to the nearest adequate destination alternate aerodrome is more than:
(a) for aeroplanes with reciprocating engines, 60 minutes; or
(b) for aeroplanes with turbine engines, 90 minutes.

This feature is currently not represented in Simbrief’s fuel planning scenarios.

Your second questions makes no sense:

a. The Isolated Aerodrome requires a Predetermined Point (PDP) Procedure according to AMC1 CAT.OP.MPA.150(b) Fuel policy (c).

As it already describes, it consists of a different type of fuel planning and has a PDP, not PNR.
Having this in mind, the En-Route Alternate (ERA) Aerodrome is required to reduce the Contingency Fuel (CONT) to 3% of the Trip Fuel (TF). This has nothing to to with any PDP/PNR requirements.

BR Alex