Pms5 gtn750

After reinstallation of pms5 gtn750 and MFS2020, I cannot connect for authorization. Message : “error ID”

Hi there,

I am sorry to read that you experience issues with the authentication in the PMS50 GTN750. I have reinstalled the software and reconnected myself and couldn’t reproduce this issue. Would you mind trying again to see if you encounter the same issue again? If you experience the same issue, it would be helpful if you wanted to provide a print screen of the stage in the authentication process where you get the error message.

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Hi Andy,
I tried again with a QRCode scanner. Please see the joint file.
kind regards

two additional options:

first option:
take your mobile phone, start your camera, scan the code via the mobile phone camera and login on your mobile phone

second option:
Copy & Paste the provided yellow link (the whole link with the HTTPS) in your internet-browser and enter your credentials here directly in the internet-browser