PMDG 777 wrong heading on SID at LTFM

It seems that the following SID has a wrong initial heading after departing from RWY 35L at LTFM.
Tried with the PMDG 737 and the Fenix A320 (same navdata) and there it is perfect so it seems to be a problem only for the PMDG T7.
Departure: IVGUS 4D RWT 35L

The plane obviously cannot follow such a steep turns.

please report this to PMDG. It looks like a data interpretation issue because we don´t have the course 266° in our data … all other things are correct coded. It seems only the course to the first waypoint is coded wrong.

So, please report this to PMDG - the navdata are correct so far.

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PS: As you have discovered by yourself - the path on the ND in the Fenix A320 and also the PMDG 737 are correct. So, there must be something wrong in the T7 with a specific leg path type, because we have received another report to for a few days.

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