Please Review coding of LGAV SID KOR1F

Please review the coding of LGAV SID KOR1F… Both the Greek AIP and Jepp show that the initial speed restriction (max 210kn 15 deg bank) apply to the initial turn… but the way this is coded in the FMS data is that it shows a speed restriction of 210kn all the way to at DDM VOR…

thanks for the report, we will check it and come back to you as soon as possible.

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thanks again for your report - I have checked it and there is a speed restriction of 210 knots or below at DDM VOR. So, the coding in our data is correct according the source data what we have but it looks, that there are some ARINC424 coding restrictions. We will ask Jeppesen at the next possibility - I don´t have a real answer for this, sorry.

When we get an answer, I will post it here …

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Thank you for looking into this and the response.

Having said that, I don’t fully understand what AIRINC24 coding limitation you are referring to, but I do see that you have coded it based on your source. I am not sure what data source you are using but the Greek AIP published the attached. Jepp also reflects the same on their chart! Does that mean that there is an issue with your data source?

AD2-LGAV-SID-11_1.pdf (1.7 MB)

Hi George,
sorry for the delay of my answer … The source data comes also from Jeppesen. What I mean with the “coding part” is, that there are hundreds of rules, how you code a single leg of a procedure. What you need, what are options, what leg type comes before, what after.

Again, I´m sorry, I don´t know the exact answer and we will ask Jeppesen when possible, to get a clear answer, why this is coded in this way. Fact is, that the speed-restriction is indeed till the DDM VOR - that´s in our source, and therefore also in our datasets.

Sorry, thank you and have a nice weekend

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