Please improve the way overlapping airways are rendered

Hello. I’m writing this suggestion/bug report to address a rendering issue of airway that might lead to confusion and misleadings.

In South Korean(RK) airspaces, some airways are overlapping, one being ATS route while the other is RNAV route. According to official publications and the way of working in networks such as VATSIM, RNAV airways (depicted in blue) are strongly preferred routes. However, the charts app draws RNAV routes behind the unused routes as seen in the route map below.

Please have a look at G585/Y685, A592/Y782, G597/Y697. They look like black lines combined with blue. However, the names of RNAV airways are not displayed at all.

In the official publications by South Korea, it can be clearly noticed that the two airways are overlapped.

Please improve the way they are rendered. This causes confusions very often, because VATSIM controllers always uses RNAV airways, and at the same time those affected by this chart call them in non-RNAV names.