Please consider adding a 'quick autoroute' function to Charts app

Hello. I’ve been using Navigraph Charts app as one of my primary flight planners because it has the best ability to create a route using airways the most. Navigraph Charts has the best route generation algorithm IMO. However, I’ve experienced a few limitations these days. For example, when planning a long route with autoplanner, it plans the shortest route. However, in fact, it’s illegal to fly in some FIRs like North Korea. Therefore, for better immersion, I think it’d be better if there were a way for players to ‘intervent’ the route generation. So let me explain my idea.

Players make an empty route and puts a few waypoints in it. Then, he presses ‘Autoroute’ and the charts app makes a route that passes all the waypoints previously entered. Here’s a more detailed example.

Here’s a more detailed example using real situations. I enter route like this: ‘RKSS DCT GONAX Y711 ELPOS DCT RKPC’ and press ‘Autoroute’. The auto route generator shouldn’t remake the whole route, but it has to try to fill the long ‘DCT’ with appropriate routes/airways/waypoints and keep other parts of route, as if ‘RKSS’ was departing airport and ‘GONAX’ was destination airport. The final route should be ‘RKSS BULTI Y711 DOTOL RKPC’. (Which is actually same as the full generated route but should be different in other cases.)

I know you’re trying to improve a flight planner someday as well as VFR products, but hope this simple feature can be introduced earlier, improving the user experience. I hope Navigraph staffs leave me a reply about your opinion for this idea. Thanks for reading.

Kind regards.
Dohun Kim

Hi Dohun,

It is a good suggestion which I have added to potential functionality for next Charts version.


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