Plans files of navigraph

I can’t open navigraph’s plans in active sky AS16 with the message : unable to parse


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Try exporting in Navigraph Charts using MSFS format.


thanks but I want use the navigraph’s modifications of Navigraph’plans and files are modified by him in « X-Y.plan « not recognied by AS16
AS16 knows only plans of FSX with form of « X-Y_FSX_date.plan »
impossible to use a plan of FSX >>>Navigraph>>>AS16

I just created flightplan LFPG to LFML in Navigraph Charts, exported in MSFS format and loaded plan into AS16 for FSX.

Here is file:
LFPGLFML.pln (5.7 KB)

Can you load in AS16?

I am not sure I understand the problem.


Je ne peux pas exporter des plans de navigraph dans ActiveSky AS16
par exemple Simbrief exporté dans Navigraph = ok

Navigraph change le nom du plan en format « XY.plan non reconnu par AS16
Simbrief plan est dans le format FSX = X_Y_date.pln

exporté dans Navigraph ce plan est transformé en format XY.plan et refusé par AS16 avec le message: « incapable de parse »

Your post Google translates into:

I cannot export navigraph maps in ActiveSky AS16
for example Simbrief exported in Navigraph = ok

Navigraph changes the name of the plan to the format "XY.plan not recognized by AS16
Simbrief plan is in the format FSX = X_Y_date.pln

exported in Navigraph this plan is transformed into XY.plan format and refused by AS16 with the message: “unable to parse”

How did you go with my suggestion?


p.s. Others please feel free to assist

It works good
good process : SimBrief>Navigraph>FSX>AS16
thank you very much

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.