Path behind aircraft

Add an option to leave a path behind the position of the aircraft, so you can have a visual path of what exactly have you been doing.

A button in which you could activate or deactivate this function and whenever you deactivate it it doesn’t delete the path but just stops showing. So you activate it and it shows the path again.

I think this is a good idea specially if you are starting to fly IFR with a multi-engine. It’s nice to see if you are doing the procedures correctly or not.

And since we already have the actual position of the aircraft I don’t think it is that hard to code this.

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Came here to request a breadcrumbs feature!
Would also be great for practicing VFR maneuvers.

I think this would be a great added feature. Ideally, you could save the flight tracks that you make both for use within Charts but also export as KMZ (or other) map tracking file formats.

I‘d also very much appreciate a breadcrumb feature like this! Great for any kind of flight really, of course especially for training patterns and approach training! Thank you