Flight Statistics

I would really like to see an option to show all previous stored flights on the map, this can also be sourced from pinboards what fits best. That way Navigraph will also be a flight logger.

Hi Tom! Thanks for the feedback!

I think this is similar , in essence, to this request, in that they indicate a wish for more “logging” features:

Your request is a bit different in that you want to see all flights at once. To clarify, would you want the whole route to be shown or would just a line between origin and destination like shown below be enough?

I do not think that showing the whole route for each flight is feasible from a performance standpoint for any user that has been using Navigraph Charts for any significant period, but I agree that something like the map above would be pretty cool - especially as something to share with others!

Also, feel free to vote for your own topic! :wink:

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I concur on the performance standpoint. However it might be beneficial to have a list of “previous flight” in the menu as the loaded "flight planes I at least tend to remove after a while to avoid clutter. Such section would be nice to view on the map, but also can advocate a kind of flight log type of thing.

Just an idea, I clearly see the issue with db size and server rental cost, which may be more beneficial to other project such as new features more suited to flight planning such as “Engine out SID” generator or something in line of that fashion. But in case that you have the means to consider this type or similar function, well It would be cool to see.

Wish you good luck in what ever you choose to put forward next
I hold Navigraph dear to my heart so I know what ever will be good.


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