Partial dark theme on web page make text not readable

I think this came to me last week or so, I always use dark theme on my firefox, but simbrief used to be full bright, that’s OK then, but now it became only partially dark, most of the page are still bright and OK, but these drop downs are now dark, with black text, not very readable…


How are you enabling dark theme? What setting or plugin are you using specifically?

Hi, thanks for the responding,
The dark theme are enabled in firefox’s add-on and theme settings

With this mode, some website like youtube will automatically select to dark mode with black background and white texts. but seems for simbrief it’s semi-broken now

I’m not sure why that might be happening. I installed the same theme as you (DarkTheme 4.3) on Firefox 95.0.1 and it looks like this on mine:

Do you have any other dark mode add-ons that might be conflicting with it perhaps?

Ok, I tried on my other computer and it works just fine as yours, I’m checking if there are other setting affecting this but so far not able to found any.
I think I’ll push this to Firefox, thanks for your help.

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