Dark mode for Simbrief

While using Simbrief, I often switch back and forth quickly between Simbrief and Simulator with my eyes. It would be great if Simbrief had a dark mode. Unfortunately, Firefox’s dark mode does not work within Simbrief.


Hello, using Charts for desktop we have a night mode feature.

Thanks jsokoloff,
but I mean the briefing and not the charts.

yes please please. dark mode for simbrief.com

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No, Hate dark mode, really strains my eyes and hard to read text. If you must have it at least offer as an option.

I concur. I am a Mac user that operates within dark mode all the time and I would like to see an option to be able to select this mode on the SimBrief website.

Dark mode will be an option in the new SimBrief interface we are developing. Loosely planned for release later this year.

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Looking forward to this.

Any chance you can create the website to offer a switch to dark mode for flying at night? The page is real bright white and IRW at night a dark mode would work great when viewing the site.

Thanks for your consideration.

David Bruce

Hi David,

I have moved your post to this thread where you see Dark Mode in SimBrief is planned.


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Thanks Ian. Glad to hear it’s on the list of things to do. :slight_smile:

I´m interested in a dark mode of the website, too. Is this still on the list?

Thanks Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

Yes Dark mode is available in the SimBrief beta.


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Hi Ian,

thanks a lot for the fast reply, how can I use SimBrief beta?

Thanks in advance


As the Beta is about to turn into a release product, I suggest you hold off till the release. I think you will be impressed.


ive been wanting dark mode for years now, exciting news haha

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