Panel for XP

Is there an in-game panel for XP11? I just saw a post about it but I have only found it for MSFS2020. Is there one for XP11 also? I have the Avitab, but that doesnt give you charts and other great information.

You can use it with Avitab, just toggle Avitab on the plugins and click on providers, link your Navigraph account and you are done.

Hmm. I have nothing labeled “providers” in Avitab. My Avitab is linked to Navigraph. I have IAP charts but no enroute IFR charts like I have in MS2020.


The Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel is only available for MSFS at this time.

There is a moving map in Avitab, but is not the same as the In-Game Panel. You should ask the Avitab developer for such functionality.

See also Navigraph Map - XPlane11 (AVITAB) - Flightpath is it possible?