Paba - Barter Island

The airport is located North East of the current airport. It is visible, which was really confusion. in msfs-2020, the runway is in the correct place.

Barter Island

Hello thanks for reaching out. It seems these positions are correct. PABA is in the correct position. There is a Long Radar Range airport located to the North East.

I can confirm that, PABA is located correct so far.

Here, directly from the FAA database:

The red marker are exactly the coordinates from the FAA:

You see the yellow marker … it´s exactly what we show on our charts and our navdata. Also the runway-idents 06/24 are outdated. Currently it´s 07/25 …

… also directly from the FAA database:

Sorry, our data are correct - possible that the MSFS is outdated, there are a lot of such airports/runways worldwide.


Can’t argue with this. it is the rendering in MSFS which might be wrong. I am using the Map enhancement tool as well.


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