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I am writing this here because I cannot respond to you on your recent news letter, Charts and SimBrief in the PMDG UFT, LVFR Airbus A330-900 NEO with Charts, OANS, and SimBrief, Maddog X Now with Charts Integration. I tried but my email was not sent. “Guys all this is great but it appears to me, being committed to P3D, that it is the P3D users are being left out of the loop. The P3D users have been committed to you guys for years, especially when Microsoft gave up on flight simulation. Now that MSFS has gotten back in the game, because they realized they made a mistake years ago, they are putting their time and money into the 3rd party programs who, in my opinion, are forgetting about us P3D users who have bought and used your product for years when there was NO MSFS2020. Anyway, just a thought.”
B Hatchell

Hi Billy! Welcome to the forum!

Thank you for the feedback! The newsletter contains articles about new addons that, in one way or another, relate to Navigraph through integrating our navigation data, airport mapping database, charts, avionics plugins etc. - regardless of which simulator they are developed for!

Do you feel like there have been new Navigraph-related releases for P3D that have been left out? And if so, could you provide me with links to those developments?

Who are “they” in this sentence? Third-party developers are not paid by Microsoft, they just tend to move where the largest user base is for financial reasons. As you can see from the Navigraph Community Survey from last year, the simulator with the most users just happens to be MSFS at the moment!

We like to believe that we are not biased to any particular simulator. As mentioned already, if there are any new developments for P3D - we will report on those just like we have before!

I hope I have managed to answer your feedback. Thanks for reaching out!

Kind Regards,

Yes sir you have. And please understand I love your product and what you have done to enhance realism to flight simulation goes far above the bar. With that said, and it just a feeling, an itch you can’t scratch, that MSFS is getting all the love here lately and P3D users are the has beens. And sir, I’m not the only who feels this way. In the VA world this is the conversation people are having and I made the choice to fall on my sword. We just don’t want to be forgotten. It is the committed P3D user that was dumped by Microsoft. Any way you guys are awesome and hands down have the best Nav aid product out there. Thank you for your commitment.

Thank you for the kind words!

I understand that you feel left out, but I am still not entirely sure if you feel like we can do anything about that. If that is the case, please let me know! As mentioned, we are always interested in reporting on Navigraph-related features, regardless of the simulator platform used.

Kind Regards,

It is all good brother…Keep up the awesome work

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