Options Request: Cargo Limit Too Low for AH2

Would it be possible to extend the cargo limit option? When flying the FBW mod in Air Hauler 2 for cargo jobs, the dropdown only allows a little more than half the airframes weight limit (approx 47,000 lbs). It’s possible to manually calculate how many passengers would be needed to reach the payload number AH2 requires, but it would certainly make it easier if the dropdown option allowed higher cargo weights.


The maximum cargo you can set in SimBrief is equal to the difference between the MZFW (Max Zero Fuel Weight) and the OEW (Operating Empty Weight). Quite simply, you cannot put more cargo than that, otherwise you’ll exceed the MZFW.

I noticed your recent flights have the units set to KG, but you mentioned LBS in your post. Make sure you have selected the correct units on SimBrief’s options page; the selectable cargo amounts will change depending on what units you have selected.

Otherwise, make sure your custom airframe you’re using has the correct OEW and MZFW. If all else fails, you can also directly enter the ZFW Air Hauler gives you into SimBrief’s “ZFW” option.

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Ok that makes sense. I’ve switched all my FBW flights to KG because their EFB doesn’t allow LBS yet so it’s just easier to match up their airframe and EFB weights than trying to convert them inside the sim.

Thanks for response and help.

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