Option to "Load as Active MSFS flightplan" disappeared?

Thank you very much, Malte. I will try it out as soon as possible!

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It works perfectly. :star_struck:

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It appears to work.
Thank you

What I mean is that in the previous version of Charts there was an “export to active MSFS” functionality that sent the Flight Plan to MSFS so that ATC propose the “IFR clearance” option.

The procedure was as follow:

Alright, so ATC is the primary use case it sounds like! Does the latest update mentioned above work for you then?

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No, MSFS ATC is not good at all but it do the job when following an IFR flight. Anyway I will retry this afternoon to see if Charts export works now as it did in previous versions.
Thanks for your inputs.

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I made a test yesterday afternoon with the latest release of Charts and indeed it works now as it did in the past. Thank you for your support.



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Thank you for the feedback! I will consider this topic closed then!

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