On The Moving Map, Going Direct To A Fix, How?

Hello Everyone,

Quick Question,
When i upload my route lets say KJFK to KBOS, JFK 5 Departure with a Robuc 3 arrival.
On the Moving Map will display the route and if I fly exactly the route I stay on the line of the route,
BUT if ATC gives me Proceed To Ruize to cut the corner, HOW do I make the New Line to that fix?

Because right now if i get a short cut, it only shows the plane off the Orginal Route.

Another example: I use Foreflight for real world flying, I plug in the intended flight plan route and when ATC gives a short cut, I click on the Fix and it allows me to go DIRECT creating a New Line from present postion to the Direct Fix.


Hello, Let’s see…do a tap on the fix RUIZE, it will ask you to add to the route, You can drag the fix anywhere and bypass the other arrival fixes.