Direct To fix

Hello! I was wondering if there is a way to perform a direct to function on the charts app? If ATC provides a shortcut it would be awesome if I could update the route accordingly instead of seeing the aircraft off route. I found a post that mentioned this was coming in the next version but I can’t see how to perform the action. Loving the new update!

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It is a good suggestion and we shall consider it.

As a workaround you can click the pencil icon to bring up the text version of the plan, where you can quickly delete parts of the plan.



Me too, would love to see a DIR TO button. I’ve just got 3 DIR TOs today and deleting every waypoint manually is a pain.

I would suggest that you can tap on the DIR TO waypoint and then select a “DIR TO”, which would delete all waypoints from the latest overflown. Or, if this is not possible, a selection is displayed from where the waypoints will be deleted.

Thank you!


So I was VFR no flight loaded, decided to Direct To my destination. GN530 good, but putting in KMHT as my destination did not creat a track from my current position. That would be helpfu, to be able to DT.