OFP layout "DAL" does not include CLIMB FORECAST WINDS

The OFP layout “DAL” does not include CLIMB FORECAST WINDS.
Is this also the case in the real world / intended by Simbrief?
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In the RW DAL OFP I have, neither does the DAL OFP… just cruise and descent.

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The other thing I noticed in the OFP layout “DAL” was that the route string does not contain the runway identification (like 27L). It only contains the SID and STAR name. It this also according to your RW DAL OFP?
Thanks for checking.
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Correct, their Airport Load Agent sets the runway and it’s on their Weight Data Report. The dispatcher can, but it’s usually the ALA.

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Thanks. This is interesting, I did not expect this. But I am only flying in my working room :slight_smile:

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