NZAA offset centerline

I noticed while flying into NZAA the ILS centerline is offset to the right. When reading the notes on the flightbeam website, they comment about adjust the ordering of navigraph and their products. Well after SU10 and even now, this still seems to be a problem. When I reached out to fligthbeam directly, this was the response… so the question is, who’s ultimately responsible for this?

This was the official answer from Flightbeam… thoughts?

“The issue is caused both by Navigraph and the new Sim Update 10. Prior to SU10 the layer ordering worked OK and our airport was a higher priority over Navigraph. Now there are some layering issues. The issue will need to be resolved either by Asobo or Navigraph.”

I have the same Problem with the Asobo Airport and also with the FlightBeam NZAA Airport.
(SU11 and WU12 installed)

I hope for a solution. Thank you!

Ups sorry guys, have overseen this topic or forgotten to answer. Will look on it tomorrow …

Sorry again for the none answe this report …

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No worries and thanks for looking into this!

Hi guys,
ok, I have tried to analyze this report and I can confirm this offset …

I have compared the ILS antenna coordinates with the AIP New Zealand and the coordinates in our database are exactly the same as in the AIP … buuuuut :slight_smile: these coordinates are not 100% correct.

Here the different positions on the example for the ILS 05R:

You see the ILS position (stock and Flightbeam) for 05R is correct, but the ILS position from the AIP is slightly offset to the left.

Here directly from the AIP New Zealand:

When you enter the values in google maps as I have shown above, you get exactly this offset. In other words, New Zealand provide these values to the source provider and therefore, we get this offset.

Ok, not so good but I hope understandable, that this is not an issue from our source-provider, nor our issue.

Now, I have thought about a little bit and I assume, I have found a solution to improve the ILS accuracy. We have implemented now this solution and have uploaded revision 5 :slight_smile: … Please guys, re-install revision 5 now and try it again. It should now be aligned with the center-line … worth to try, when not we will go back to revision 4 without the improvement of the ILS accuracy …

Thank you

Thank you for the explanation! That corrected the issue and the ILS is right down the middle. Thanks for taking the time to look into this!

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