Notes on charts feature request

I couldn’t see anywhere specific in the forum for feature requests, so thought I’d post here. It would be great if there was a feature to save notes on a specific chart. My main use case for this would be airport parking charts, where I’d note various gate ranges for different airlines. That way, the next time I start a flight at, say, KMCO, opening the Parking Gates & CoOrds I could save a text note like:

  • Gates 1-29 JetBlue and Frontier
  • Gates 30-59 Spirit Airlines
  • Gates 70-99 international flights

I’d then be able to access those notes the next time that chart is viewed. While I am on a roll, if there was some way the associated airport bgl file could be read to auto-populate the parking gate assignments and display those on the parking chart that would be awesome.

Thanks for considering this request.
Pete Gordon

Hi Pete,


Thank you for the suggestions. You will find similar with a search on Annotations:
Search results for 'annotations' - Navigraph

Re gates, you can similarly search forum on “gates”, for example please see my post at Gate Numbers on charts.


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