How to unlock Airac 2014

GTN750 is based on Airac 2014, but I cannot unlock this cycle.
Can anyone help me?

Hi Jos,
unlock means what? SimBrief unlock or what do you mean?

We don’t provide any outdated data …

RXP doesn’t support updating navdata, if I’m guessing your question correctly.

Hello Richard,

Thank you for your reply. I’m quite a new simmer and someone told me that the Reality GTN750 is based on 2004, exp. 23-4-’20.
That cycle is shown on the list of passed cycles in Simbrief. So when I make a flight plan I should use the data on which the GTN is based. At least I thought so… But perhaps I’m wrong. Could you explain to me how to handle?


Hi Jos,

You can only unlock a cycle in Simbrief during that cycle’s effective dates. You cant unlock it after that.

This matches with Navigraph only supplying current cycle data


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