No Traffic in Charts 8

I am very satisfied with Navigraph Charts 8, a great improvement on the old version. I only miss one feature “Traffic”. Being able to see other in sim aircraft on the map is very import for flying on line. Traffic was to be in the new version and I deeply disappointed that it has not been implemented. It was stated that traffic was on the roadmap earlier this year. Hopefully it will become available soon.

Not only adding VATSIM traffic, but how about adding the traffic injected by the new FSLTL Traffic injector ! How exciting this would be ! :heart_eyes:

I’ll be looking to switch to Navigraph after my ForeFlight subscription runs out and I would just like to +1 being able to see traffic on Navigraph Charts.

I can currently see traffic on ForeFlight from online networks (e.g. VATSIM & PilotEdge) and FSLTL.
I use Andrew Miller’s ForeFlightRelay application.