No Simulator Detected Hub Version from this week

i have the same Problem like other Users.
I have tried:
Usercfg.opt have right permission, the Package Path is even ok
Delete the Content.xml
Delete PMDG Navdata and Sid and Star Folder

But its same Problem.

Thanks for help

Hi Andy,

We have added some extra logging for your account. Can you please try again and we will investigate.

Kind regards,


Hi m4rkus,
now he have found all.
Could you see whats the Problem?

Hey @Andy006

You mean it works again?

Yes, all works fine, did you have a Failure logging on the ne log In that you could Proof where the Problem are?

It started working before we got any logs :confused: It could perhaps have been our servers that was slow or temporary network issue…

Kind regards,


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