Navdata Center wrong error screen on start

Since the beginning I was using default "Launch on computer start " option. But since I had 2 times this program in an unusable state (impossible to select any buttons with the mouse, on the window), I had to re-install the program (version 1.0.12) to solve this curious problem.

So, I decided to disable this option and now, obviously now, I can see the program loading (which wasn’t the case before) and see that it display a light-blue screen with the error message “no simulator detected” ?!?

But, this error screen seem incorrect, because I have all categories & buttons as usually and they work, at last for now ! I even tried to remove the data’s from my PMDG 737-700 and then, to install again and this was performed without any errors ?!?

Do-you know what happen here ?


That error message does sometimes occur during start up of the Navigraph Navdata Center. Don’t worry about it, we shall fix it in time. It only occurs during initialisation, and then you see the detected addons.


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