No options to clear or select IAF's on G1000 or A320 MCDU approaches

I’ve noticed, in two examples CZBA RNAV 32 and KPIT ILS 10R, using MSFS2020 with AIRAC 2101 rev. 2 that in neither case have I been able to adjust the IAF for the approach. No matter where I transition from, it will force me to fly an extended arc via MESNO for CZBA and AGC for KPIT ILS 10R, which forces unreasonable flight paths, not consistent with the real charts, and is not realistic. Why are MESNO and AGC constrained without the option to remove from the flight plan?

Hi @cyager48

Thank you for your post.

We do understand your concern.

Unfortunately, it may be that the routings you expect are currently not possible to create for aircraft that use the Microsoft Flight Simulator route planner. For instance, by using the Working Title CJ4 mod that has an own route planner, we can confirm that it is possible to create a route that doesn’t include the arc for ILS 10R at KPIT in the FMC, however we do experience the issue you describe in other MSFS aircraft.

At this point we can unfortunately not confirm the functionality of the MSFS route planner as it is beyond our control, however their development team has been made aware of this and we are hoping that it will be fixed as soon as possible.

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