Navigraph won't let me sigh in on new computer

When ever I try to log into my account on my new computer when ever I click sign in it just does not work. It send me back to the main page not signed in and then the rest of the page is unresponsive. If there is anyway to fix this please let me know because I really need this?

Hi Joe,


When you sign in, please post a screenshot of any error shown using Guide to posting Screenshots.

Try using a different default browsers and restarting your machine.

You need to have a Subscription to use Charts other than in demo mode. Maybe you have under a different username?


No man I have a subscription and everything and a screenshot will not do anything all it is on my new computer it does not let me log into the account. On all my other devices it works just not my new computer.

which username do you use to login? Because your current usetname joern67 has no subscription.

So, to check your account, we need your username with the subscription you have.

Thank you

this is an account I don’t use my real account is AlexC25

Thanks, no prob thanks. What I see the your account is ok so far.

So, do you have any firewall, any blocker ad, virus app or similar else? Are you able to connect to a mobile network on your PC to check the internet connection?

The other devices you are using are all in the same local network as your new PC?


yes they are when ever I open the website and try to log in it just send me back to the home page and everything else I click send me right back as well. I don’t know if its my computer or the website?

Hm strange … I have tried to signout and sign in again. No problem here.

Have you tried another browser as Ian mentioned?


ya no luck kinda sucks had my friend send me over the files

… but why don’t you download the files via your old working systems? Why must send a friend files? To share files are not allowed, so stop this … Please check your system, it must something on your new system.


he just sent me the files to the pass I signed using my account