Navigraph Simlink update requests

Hello there. I use the Navigraph Charts app with simlink for moving map. I am very pleased with the charts app and simlink functions but… Always, when there’s a new update, simlink keeps inundating me with hourly requests to update.
This is extremely annoying when you either don’t have the time or aren’t ready to update. I use my computer for work as well and I most certainly do not like my work being interupted by constant requests for an update. It’s nice to be made aware every other day or so but this current arrangement is in my opinion unacceptable.

Thanks in advance
Sigfús Jónsson

Hi Sigfús,


Updates are not very frequent. However, we shall consider less frequent checks.

I don’t recommend it but you can disable checks in Navigraph Simlink Status/Settings:


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Thank you. Less frequent checks would be awesome but I still might uncheck to automatically check for updates in the meantime because these update checks have become quite disruptive to me

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